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German is many a times seen as a demanding language. There are some truly long words to absorb. But German is not that difficult to learn, if you already know English well. There are many basic terms in German language for everyday use like Hallo (known in English as hello) and Yes (known in German as Ja). German Training Classes Varanasi can definitely help you learn basic terms used in the German language.
Below we have put a list of the some common words and phrases that will assist you in learning the basic terms used in the German language.

Basic words used in a conversation:      


Common Phrases that are used during a conversation:

After learning of the basic German words and phrases, you will have to learn the basic tenets of German grammar so as to understand the difference in the usages of verbs, nouns adjectives in the German language. A German language training institute can immensely help you to learn German language levels effectively.

To help you learn German grammar effectively we have compiled three points as to how you can understand the differences in German speech and vocabulary.

  • Study the gender of every new noun that you learn – Much of the German grammar structure is founded on whether a particular word is masculine, feminine or neutral. That element affects articles, adjectives and your overall sanity. So as you start memorizing words, make sure to note the genders.
  • Study the simple parts of speech – It’s best to learn some of the basic concepts of a speech:
    a. Noun
    b. Pronoun
    c. Verb
    d. Adjective
    e. Participle
    f. Preposition
    g. Definite and indefinite articles

You should also acquaint yourself with the notion of an auxiliary verb, the concept of tenses and conjugation. We don’t wish to give you this impression that the German language is very hard, but we also don’t want you to think it will be so easy like a walk in a park. Just like learning any language for the first time, it demands that you put proper time and efforts for learning it.

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