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English Language

Well-spoken English is a highly demanded language nowadays. Learning spoken English can be very fruitful for your career in many ways. Not only can it make you confident in securing high paying jobs, it can also open a sea of opportunities for you. SquadVision has introduced this program for the people of Varanasi who wants to learn English for their personality development. Our Spoken English language course aims to make English language learning- “fun and easy”.

We have presented below the details of our two English language course modules:

Beginner Level

  • Enables students to acquire phonetic skills for flawless conversations.
  • Trains students to use the English language for practical purposes.
  • Acquaints the learner with modern English usage.
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Intermediate and advanced course level

  • Speak in Neutral Accent and also pick-up UK/US Accent.
  • To improve communicative competence of the students.
  • To orient students to word accents and speech rhythm and spoken English.
  • To take remedial steps to correct the errors that enter the learner’s Language System while learning English as a foreign language.
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